Beech Grove

Staff List 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Miss Claire Joyce

Deputy Headteacher - Ms Karen Turnbull

School Business Manager - Mrs Deb McKie (Staff Mental Health Lead)

SENCo - Miss Sarah Eades (Pupil Mental Health Lead) 

EYFS Lead - Mrs Anna Tomasik 

KS1 Lead - Miss Amy Walsh 

Y3/4 Lead - Mrs Georgina Martin

Y5/6 Lead - Mrs Halina Bayfield

Maths Lead - Miss Gemma Martin

Curriculum Lead - Mrs Caroline Whiteman

Admin Team

School Business Manager - Mrs Deb McKie

Office Manager - Mrs Nicola Heal

Admin Assistant - Miss Jodie Dingle

Finance Assistant - Mrs Sarah Gunney

Child Protection, Safeguarding & Attendance

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Ms Karen Turnbull

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss Claire Joyce

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Mandie Huggett

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss Sarah Eades

Child Protection and Safeguarding Coordinator and Attendance Lead - Mrs Mandie Huggett

Class Teachers

Hedgehogs (Reception) - Mrs Anna Tomasik 

Dormice (Reception) - Mrs Dana Pickford (RSHE Lead) and Miss Emilly Reilly

EYFS Teacher - Mrs Sally Smith

Ducks (Year 1) - Miss Rachel Oliver

Seals (Year 1) - Mrs Sophie David & Mrs Katherine Bryson 

Robins (Year 2/3) - Miss Amy Walsh (Reading and Science Lead)

Rabbits (Year 2/3) - Miss Fran Guarraci 

Otters (Year 3) - Miss Katherine Smith (RE Lead)

Foxes (Year 4) - Mrs Georgina Martin (DT Lead)

Badgers (Year 4) - Mrs Caroline Whiteman (Humanities Lead)

Kestrels (Year 5) - Miss Molly Bailey (PE Lead)

Kites (Year 5/6) - Miss Gemma Martin (Maths and Computing Lead)

Owls (Year 6) - Mrs Halina Bayfield (English, Art and MFL Lead)

Other Teachers

Mr Matt Parsons - Sports Coach

Mrs Kathryn Blake - Specialist Music Teacher (Music Lead)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gill Hall 

Mrs Sue Keates

Lunchtime Support Assistants

Mrs Catriona Powell

Mrs Caroline Davy

Miss Laura Hardy

Community, Parental Engagement and Extended Schools Leader

Mrs Sue Keates (HLTA)

Specialist Support Staff

Mrs Karen Jarman - Speech & Language

Mrs Vanessa Taylor - EAL, ILI & RWI

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hayley Walker (EYFS)

Mrs Tanya Hodge (EYFS)

Ms Naomh Wallis (EYFS)

Mrs Sharon Millett (KS1)

Mrs Sally Keeling (KS1)

Mrs Zoe Vinall (KS1 - 1:1)

Mrs Sue Morrell (Y3/4)

Mrs Caroline Davy (Y3/4)

Miss Rebecca Woollacott (Y3/4 - 1:1) 

Miss Jodie Dingle (Y3) 

Mrs Helen Hirst (KS2)

Mrs Beth Blake (Y3/4 - 1:1)

Mrs Jo Vaughan (Y5/6)

Mrs Julie Beale (KS2)

Site Manager

Mrs Nicky Chugg


Miss Laura Hardy

Mrs Philippa Hawes

Miss Michaela Chugg