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Welcome to Woodlands Early Years Unit. We are made up of two Reception classes: Hedgehogs and Dormice. Our teachers are: Miss Tomasik, Mrs Pickford, Miss Reilly and Miss Smith. 

Remote Learning

Welcome to your child’s Home Learning .       Stage 1   is for pupils who are off school for a few days (e.g. whilst awaiting                   test results)       Stage 2  is for pupils who are self-isolating for 2 weeks (but their bubble is                  still in school)       Stage 3  is for pupils whose whole bubble has closed for 2 weeks  . We hope you find this home learning enjoyable and easy to follow. If you have any problems at all in accessing this learning, please do not hesitate to email your child’s class teacher – we are here to support and guide you. Your child’s teacher would love to see the work you complete. Please photograph and email this directly to the class email address which is: or

Stage 1

Stage 1 - 3 day home learning menu

Stage 2


Stage 3

If your child’s bubble has to close or there are wider restrictions in place which means the school has to close, Stage 3 learning will be shared with you via Tapestry.

 Class News Spring Term 2021

The children are in awe of the fossils and bones they’ve discovered in our investigation station. They observed and noticed a lot of detail in the rabbit skeleton, the three get and ram’s skulls and the ammonites. They used their observations to create fantastic bits of art work for our display. In the Woodlands unit, the joy of learning couldn't be any more evident! The children have returned eager to learn, play and interact with their friends and us teachers (who have been missing the hustle and bustle of a full classroom!).

The mud kitchen has been a huge hit with everyone - we have had pancakes, pies, soups and snacks cooked for us this week! The children are wearing school waterproofs and wellies to access the muddy restaurant. Thank you for being so understanding about the pesky mud on the school uniforms - the children are certainly making memories here!

This week we focussed on reminding the children how to navigate the complicated web of human interactions - we talked about kind words, kind hands, turn taking and sharing. We are very impressed with how the children have settled back in and how they are getting so proficient at solving their own social misunderstandings.

We have introduced the Zones of Regulations to help us see how the children are feeling, and to help them express this. In a simple view: we have four zones - Red (angry, overexcited), Yellow (worried, excited), Green (calm, ready to learn), and Blue (tired, sad). Over the course of this half term, we will be helping the children to identify which zone they might be in, and help them to regulate their feelings accordingly - acknowledging that all feelings are good as they are letting us know what is happening around us. For example, someone might be feeling angry because something unfair has happened. 

We are still working on settings in stories, using The Gingerbread Man as a model text. Soon, the children will be changing the story to let the biscuit free, running across the icebergs and deserts. We are starting our literacy books as well, so any help you can give us at home with writing words, lists, captions and sentences, would be highly appreciated.

Please help the children revise the first set of special friends - sh, ch, th, nk and ng as a lot of the children seem to be a little confused at times with those sounds. Lots of oral blending as well, please (you say ch-a-t, the child 'guesses' the word and says 'chat')

In Maths, we are continuing to learn all about the number to ten but also to say the numbers in order reliably to 20 and beyond. Please could you do a lot of counting with the children at home, making sure their pronunciation of teen numbers is correct i.e. that there is definitely a 'teen' at the end, and not 'ty'.

Finally, a great thank you to all of you home schooling teachers for the great work you have done since January. Now that the baton is back in our hands, we can do all that is possible to make the remainder of your child's time in Reception as meaningful, purposeful and fun as possible. Thank you.



Class News Autumn Term 2020


The Children in Dorhogs (or Hedgemice) followed Lydia Monks, the famous children’s illustrator in a drawing class of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len from What the Ladybird heard on holiday story by Julia Donaldson.
Look at our art! 




The children in Woodland unit were visited today by the world-famous explorer and writer, Professor Know-It-All. The professor has heard about the nature study the children complete every week and as he's an expert on owls.  He visited the children to promote his new information text All About Owls. 

The children were inspired and spent the afternoon doing observational drawing of a barn owl. They also learnt a new art technique - collage - and applied it to create beautiful posters for our display. 











Our children have had a wonderful time with seasonal produce this week.  They carved, chopped and diced pumpkins and then followed a recipe to make the most delicious pumpkin soup!




Just another day of fun in our Woodland Early Years Unit