Children Zone

Children Zone

Beech Grove


We are a Year 6 class.

Our teacher is Mrs Bayfield.

Spring 1 New - February

Owls recently rolled up their sleeves and had a baking afternoon.  Everybody made and decorated a shortbread biscuit – there were even some left for the teachers!  All the ingredients were donated by Oliver Smith.  Thanks Ollie.

As part of their Civic Award, Year 6s are learning new skills throughout the year.  Mrs Penny, who is a paramedic, came to school and delivered a basic first aid training session.  This included how to make a 999 call, bandaging wounds, the recovery position and CPR.  The children enjoyed taking part, especially practising their bandaging techniques!

During our enrichment week, Owls make a dragon fly completely from recycled materials.  We think it looks amazing – look out, you might see him flaying around school in the near future.

Spring 1 News - January

Congratulations Sofia!  Sofia entered the Anne Frank Writing Competition 2019 and won with a fantastic piece of descriptive and emotive writing about Anne Frank. 

Amazing achievement Liam!  Liam along with a group of Beech Grove children entered a cross country race at Kings College, Taunton.  Out of the 334 competitors, Liam came second with a time of 6:41:40. 

In science we are learning all about space.  Using pastels we created the order of the solar system from the sun all the way through to the last planet, Neptune.

As part of our Enrichment Week all about the environment, we took part in a workshop run by Gary from Carymore Environmental Centre.  We worked in groups doing various activities.  In one session, we had to discover what sort of waste we had and what damage it would do to the environment.  In the second, we had to dispose of ‘toxic’ waste without touching it.  Again we thought about the problems this causes, both with the disposal and the long lasting effects on our world.


Autumn News

Owls class held their own Class Election.  We had four parties who elected a leader, prepared a 3 point manifesto and campaigned for votes.  We then held a question and answer session before going to the Polling Station to vote.  The admin team prepared the electoral register, polling cards and ballot papers.  After voting closed they recorded the results .  The winner was Oliver B and the Vision Party!

Owls visited Tiverton Museum to experience an Anglo Saxon day.  We discovered what life was like for Anglo Saxon children, how they used herbs for medicinal purposes , as well as learning how to be an archaeologist/history detective.

Owls joined our Foundation children for a reading session this afternoon. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more!  It’s always an enjoyable time. 

For the Christmas Fayre we made Owl Can pencil holders. We thought environmentally and used recycled tins, bottle tops and wool to create a class parliament of owl tins!


As part of Enrichment Week, we made collage pictures of the big bad wolf!  After painting the background, we used a reversed silhouette, completing the scene with trees and a glimpse of the Chaperon Rouge.

To mark Remembrance Day 2019, Owls made poppies from felt and hessian.  Half were then planted in Wellington Park and the other half were planted in the school’s front garden.