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Children's Zone

Beech Grove


We are a Year 3 & 4 class.

Our teacher is Mrs Martin

 Home Learning

Foxes Home Learning Menu - March 2020 (pdf)

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Spring Activity Booklet - Year 3 (pdf)

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Statutory Spellings Word Mat - Years 3 and 4 Word Mat (pdf)

Finding Tale Toolkit (pdf)

Autumn 2 News

We have had a busy and exciting half term in Badgers and Foxes Classes.

In English, we concluded our ‘Finding Tale’ narrative work based on ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’ with the children independently writing exciting stories of their own. They were finding objects in a forest, the park, the school and even in the local swimming pool! They used their writing toolkit to produce some excellent stories. We then linked our writing to our history topic on ‘Prehistoric Britain’ to write instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth!


In Maths, the children developed their understanding of Addition and Subtraction and enjoyed the challenge of becoming experts as well as securing their basic skills of being able to use a formal written method.

We concluded our History topic about ‘Prehistoric Britain’ moving from the Stone Age into the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We linked our instructional writing in English about a woolly mammoth to writing about how to make grooved ware pottery which was commonly found around Stonehenge.

Linking our wider curriculum, in Science the children learnt all about Rocks and Soils. They enjoyed handling different rocks, comparing them, discussing their properties and discovering how different rocks are formed deep within the earth.

We continued our visits to the Archie Project and are looking forward to our next phase of training which will be delivered to the children during the Spring Term.


Autumn 1 News

Foxes Class has had a busy term so far! In maths we have been learning addition and subtraction and will be moving onto multiplication and division next. In English we have been working hard writing ‘defeating the monster stories’ and ‘finding tales’. In Science we have moved on from scientific enquiry and are now learning about rocks and soils. Our history topic is prehistoric Britain; the children have been learning lots about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the differences and similarities between the two.

Outside of the class room Foxes have been visiting the Archie project. The Archie project brings together primary schools and care homes to teach children about the different types of dementia. We have also been on trips to Courtfields School for a sports afternoon and to see a film at Wellington cinema.